Basic rules for buying

Basic Rules
They say that the basic rules for residential property investment include the following:

  • Research - Research and research. Arm yourself with all the information that you are going to require.

  • Analyse - Analyse and analyse. Complete the necessary analysis rather than buying based on emotion. You are now in business so make sure you know the rate of return you can get from a property and the valuations of those properties.

  • Location - Location, location, location. Make sure you find the right location.

  • Timing - Timing Timing Timing. Watch your timing. This point is arguably the most important of all. You may have done great research, analysed the market trends, found a top location - yet buy at the wrong time in the market. The result - Disaster! The right location is important but the right timing is everything. 

  • Manage - Manage and manage. Look after your tenants and look after the property.  

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