Ways to relax in your Business

Nischala Devi, developed the relaxation techniques described below and conducts stress management seminars and workshops around the world. Serving as director of stress management for Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease, she also helps clients make their workplaces and homes more relaxing environments through her consulting service, Interior Well-Being, located in Fairfax, California. We quote her suggestions here.

  • A. Leg Stretch:
    While sitting slightly away from your desk, inhale and grasp hold of your right shin and bring leg up towards your chest. Bring head down towards your knee while exhaling. Relax, breathe normally and hold 10 seconds. Release leg and bring your head back to an upright position. Repeat with opposite leg.

  • B. Counterbalance to Sitting Position:
    Stand up and hold the back of your chair with both hands. While looking forward with both feet comfortably spread apart, shift your weight to the left foot and leg. Slowly stretch right leg back until your toe touches the floor, keeping the posture erect with knee straight. Hold steady, breathe normally and slowly ...

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