Warnings when writing Cheques

The law about "crossing" cheques changed in 1996. To protect your cheques from being cashed by someone other than the person the check is made out to read on...

’Not transferable’ and ’account payee only’
Crossing a check with ’not transferable’, ’account payee’ or ’a/c payee’ means that the check can’ be used by someone else. A check marked as ’account payee’ can only be paid into the bank account in the same name of the person it is made out to. Some people write ’only’ after a/c payee. This makes it clearer to the person receiving the check but it is not necessary to add 'only'.

This will help reduce check fraud, as anyone using the check can only put it into the account named on the check. But because only the person named on the check can bank it, it is very important that the name is correct.

Not negotiable cheques
This is not the ...

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