When Do You Need a Lawyer

You will not generally need the services of a lawyer until you find yourself with a legal problem requiring proper legal representation. Of course, most people see a lawyer when they are already in difficulties. It is generally best to talk to a lawyer and head off any trouble that is on the horizon before it gets out of control.

This, of course, will not only save you stress but considerable legal costs as well.

Some situations that may arise that you may need help from a lawyer for include:

  • Buying or selling a business

  • Buying or selling property

  • Arranging a lease

  • When you are charged with a crime

  • To arrange a contract

  • When any sort of legal claim is served on you

  • When you want to sue someone

  • When someone has defamed you

  • When you have a dispute with a government agency such as the IRS 

  • When you have to draft up a will

  • When you require representation for a civil matter such as a parking offence

  • When you want to set up structures such as a power of attorney

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