Checklist on Papers to Accountant

A standard checklist will include the following requests:

  • All bank statements

  • Check butts

  • Deposit book butts

  • Cash book if you write one up

  • Petty cash details

  • Schedule of all payments which are made by cash by you and not in petty cash

  • Details of any income that you have received in cash but not banked into your bank account

  • If you run a computerised system, then full reports which record your transactions whether cash or otherwise

  • If you have debtors, then a full list of money owing by customers to you

  • If you run a creditors list then money owing to you by suppliers

  • A copy of all documentation involved in the business dealings such as hire purchase agreements, loan agreements, leases, payments to suppliers by automatic payment, contracts etc

  • A list of the stock take that you have taken to arrive at the quantities and value of stock on hand at the end of the period

  • Details of other income and expenses outside of the books such as interest earned from investments or interes...

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