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What is Business Budgeting?
Most of us do not really think much about it, but we are preparing a budget every time we estimate how much cash we are going to need for a particular purchase and how much money we will have left over at the end of the month after paying our bills. A budget is simply an estimate of what is going to happen in the future as far as our income and our expenditure is concerned.

Business Budgeting is a term often used to mean forward planning in a business. It has, of course, a wider meaning than planning because it also includes coordinating, managing and controlling. In simple language, a business budget is the financial plan of a future period in your business and represents a suggested way or plan of achieving a particular result. It is a means of expressing the goals of your business in financial and monetary terms.

A Budget is Not a Forecast
A forecast is a prediction of the future, whereas a budget is a planned outcome of the future that the business wants to achieve.

A budget is basically the plan ...

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