Checking all Areas

Checking Means “Doing Research”
Research is about finding out whether there is a market for the product or services of a business. The research will also provide other information such as the quality and prices of products that are in the market already. Market research will help provide answers as to whether there is a demand for a type of product or service the business is looking at offering. If carried out properly the research will also highlight areas or strategies by which a business can break into the market.

Research will involve monitoring the reactions of customers and trying to find patterns to customers buying behaviours. From the results, conclusions can be drawn on how to best approach any type of marketing effort to those customers in general.

Market research therefore can be defined as the process of gathering, recording and analysing data that relate to the marketing of goods and services.

Research Has to Be Organised
For marketing research to be of value it has to be organised properly in such a way that the objectives are achieved. I...

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