What's involved in setting up a website?

Using the Internet to sell your products doesn’t necessarily imply that you need to set up a website yourself. For example, you could choose to have your products listed on an existing website run by an organisation that specialises in online distribution and trading. You’ll want to explore the potential channels to market using various e-commerce solutions. Start by reviewing our E-commerce & IT pages where you’ll find a wealth of information.

If you’re sure a website is right for your business, you’ll have to get involved in its development. In practice, you are likely to end up using a combination of in-house skills and thinking, and outside facilities and expertise. Few small businesses should consider doing it all themselves. Even fewer should hand their e-commerce ambitions over, lock, stock and barrel, to any form of external supplier. As our resources tell you, if you’re planning on using a website design company to help you, an informed customer gets the best solutions.


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