An IPO for your Business

What is an IPO?
When a private company decides to sell some of its shares to the public by “joining” or listing on the Stock Exchange, the company is referred to as “going public”. As a private company owner, you are opening up your company for public investment by giving members of the public the opportunity to purchase shares in your company.

Your company is termed “public” when it has a share float on the Stock Exchange. This process where shares are offered to investors is known as an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Is Going Public Right for your Company?
When your company needs additional capital, going public or selling shares to general members of the public may be the right choice. It is something you need to discuss with professional advisers because you need to weigh up all the options carefully.

If your company is in the early stages of development, it might be better for you to seek loans from the lending institutions rather than going public. This is because you will retain certain amount of freedom in running your operation and you will not have to account to the Stock Exchan...

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