How To - Set the major objectives in a Business Plan

There are certain major objectives in any business plan.

  1. Bird’s Eye View
    A business plan sets down a birds eye view of your whole intended business operation from its start-up phase to its operational phase to its expansion phase and possibly to its exit stage. By making a decision to produce a business plan, you and others involved with you, are forced to look at the venture objectively and critically and assess the viability of the whole project in an unemotional state. Going into business is serious therefore a business plan will enable you to think through every stage and arrive at a final decision as to whether you will proceed or not.

  2. Communicate Ideas
    The business plan will help you to communicate your ideas and your vision as well as how those aspects are going to be achieved and this is mainly to support the basis for a financial approach by you to a lender or to a bank or other funder.

  3. Manage for Success
    The business plan will be a very useful tool which when properly referred to and used properly will help to manage every area of your business until success is ac...

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