How To - Reduce your Business Printing Costs

Here is a list of hints to help you plan your printing and keep costs to a minimum.

  1. Go for a one-colour job unless it is absolutely necessary.

  2. Ask your printer for paper size recommendations in order to minimise wastage and therefore reduce costs.

  3. Fewer colours cost less because you save on ink, on the film, plates and setting up etc.

  4. Jobs where images or colours run off the edge of the paper (called bleeds) cost more than those that don’t.

  5. For a one or two colour job, consider having it printed on coloured stock because the coloured stock will add interest, and another colour.

  6. Ask the printer to make use of extra paper left over from another client’s job, as this may help reduce your overall costs.

  7. Ask the printer to advise you on the most cost efficient way to do the printing.

  8. Check out all discount printers who print several small jobs at a time. They may not have the same overheads and also their colour paper stock may be limited, but you can usually get a good printing job at a reasonable rate, with fast delivery.

  9. Try not to make too many changes t...

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How To

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