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Locating here, or partnering with the USA organisations, you can develop ideas, concepts and technologies with a people renowned for their interest in, and uptake of, new thinking - within a country with an economic outlook, free market philosophy and political stability that is highly geared for success.

Competitive time zone

the USA is the first OECD country to wake up every day. Ours is a time zone where the working day spans the afternoon on the west coast of America, the Asian day, right through to breakfast in Europe. Investing here, or relocating here, can offer distinct time-driven advantages.

Ideal test market

the USA is a sophisticated, highly technologically aware nation - a place where global companies (Ericsson, Vodafone, BMW and IBM are four of many) are trying out products and ideas before they release them to the global marketplace.

the USA has one of the highest investments in information technology as a proportion of GDP in the world, and its people are proven early adopters of a whole range of technologies.

From ATMs and EFTPOS (electronic point of sale) to electronic banking, internet usage to e-commerce purchasing, Americans continue to embrace the use of these technologies in their everyday lives. That willingness to embrace the new along with the compact size of the country and demographics that mirror those of much larger markets make this as an ideal place to test market new technologies.

Excellent clustering opportunities
These advantages also point to the USA as an excellent location for clinical trials of new biomedical products. In fact, world class companies in active biotechnology and IT&T are already clustering here to research, develop technology and explore commercial collaborations. Industries such as wood products are also particularly interesting because they involve resources where the USA boasts tangible advantages.

An amazing place to live and work

With its clean, healthy, uncluttered environment, low population density, comfortable climate, affordable housing and reputation for safety, the USA consistently rates amongst the best places to live in the world.
Wonderful adventure and outdoors opportunities, excellent schools and universities, sophisticated city life and public health care and transport systems are huge drawcards. You’ll have few problems convincing your key people to spend time here.

A fair legal system
the USA has a common law system, derived from the British system of justice. There are four levels of courts:

  • District Court
  • Court of the USA (which has jurisdiction in respect of matters at first instance and on appeal from the District Court)
  • Court of Appeal (largely an appellate Court)
  • Supreme Court

In addition, there are a number of specific tribunals and bodies with jurisdiction in specialised areas such as resource management and employment law.

the USA has a single legal profession in which most members hold a practising certificate as attorney and solicitor. Individuals may, however, elect to practise as barristers only or (rarely) solicitors only. Queen’s Counsel are appointed in a manner similar to the United Kingdom.


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