How To - Ignore Advice for Going into Business

As soon as you talk to friends and associates about going into business there will be no shortage of tips, advice and guidance. It’s important to talk to others who have been in business for some time, especially those who are successful. Think twice about taking advice from someone in business with no successful track record. Be careful also of listening to advisers whose advice contradicts that given by successful business owners.

The following is a selection of advice to be ignored if it is ever “thrown” at you at the time you are looking at going into business:

  1. “You will make a fortune – go for it.”
    People who tell you that you will make a fortune and encourage you to get right into business without taking the time to talk with you and assess what your business is all about are simply fools. If they are not in a successful business themselves, then they are not only fools, but also idiots.

    Steer well clear from this advice. Make sure all your decisions are based on sound research and facts. If necessary we recommend you get a second and third opinion because you can never go wrong with too much advice from those who know w...

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How To

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