How To - Identify your Business to the World

Your business name should be displayed outside your premises or offices where you carry on your business. And if you are a company then it must be displayed fully outside the registered office of your company. Your business name should also be shown in your business letters and other documentation such as invoices and receipts.

The whole purpose is to identify your business to your clients and customers. The name that you choose will also have to relate to the type of business structure that you use. If you are a sole trader then you may call yourself ‘Jack Jones & Company’ and your business will still be treated as a sole trader and not a limited company. This is the case also with a partnership.

When it is a company then the words ‘limited’ must be added to the end so that those who you deal with know clearly that your business is operated under a limited liability company structure.

Many people use their own name because it is well known in the industry and many sole traders with a name such as ‘Jack Smith & Brothers’ later form themselves in a limited liability company using similar names such as ‘Jack Smith & Associates Company Limited’ e...

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