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Your business card is an important tool for introducing your business to potential clients and prospects. It is your one opportunity to tell whoever you meet that what you have to offer them is important. In some situations your business card is the only means of communicating your business and its products to the receiver.

This emphasises that what you have on your business card is very important. It is a good idea to stay away from fancy print and keep the font you use plain and easy to read in the space available on your card. Make sure your card clearly shows your name, address, telephone number, fax, and web site. Remember that this is an opportunity to advertise you and your business and the cost is minimal.

The following are places people leave their business cards:

  • On bulletin boards in fast food stores.
  • On the counter of ATM machines.
  • On the shelf of public phones.
  • In the shopping carts.
  • Inside the pages of library books.
  • On the tables of fast food restaurants.
  • Inside magazines in doctor’s office.
  • In the pouch on aeroplane seat.
  • On the sink in public rest rooms.


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