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Executive coaching is a term that first came out of development programmes for executives some years ago. The term has been gaining widespread acceptance since then and is now flourishing as the way business is done and the way managers are trained and becomes critical to the success of the operation.

If you have been an executive of a company you will be well aware of how difficult it is to be on top of what is happening within your company. If you have a medium sized company you may have to oversee different departments within the business and each one with its own staff problems. You may have managers and executives who don’t get along and you may feel that assistance in many areas is required to ensure the company operates more efficiently.

Executive coaching is tailor-made for all kinds of situations. Executive coaching basically is business consulting aimed specifically to the chief executive or the various managers in a company. It is designed to provide coaching or consulting that addresses the various problems a business manager and employees face in the company – to arrive at favourable solutions for everyone.

Most professional executive coaches...

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