How To - Ease Business Stress

Based on the amount of stress that you are experiencing there are steps that you can take to ease its effects.

  1. Plan your life carefully.
    Try and bring your life under better control by planning your activities, using a daily planner, diary or some sort of calendar. Make a daily list of things that you have to do and put them in order of priority. This will reduce any stress associated with feeling overwhelmed when you are not able to complete the task.

  2. Stop worrying.
    You can reduce your stress levels by not worrying unnecessarily about various situations. A suggestion to help stop worrying is to train yourself to postpone worrying. In other words, tell yourself to worry about the problem at another time. Then, by the time you get around to worrying about the matter, the situation will have changed and the problem won’t seem to be so large at all.

  3. Watch what you eat.
    The type of food you consume can play havoc with your body and mind. It can affect your mood, the amount of energy you have and your motivation. Avoid sugar, salt and caffeine if you can and eat more fruit and f...

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How To

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