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The broker must learn to “close the deal”. All the hard work will be lost and of no effect if he is not able to finalise the settlement between the parties.

Some of the reasons for this happening are:


  1. The seller Is not a serious vendor, so that the commitment to complete the deal is absent.

  2. Many sellers are unrealistic about the price they want for their business – and they refuse to budge.

  3. Sellers are often not honest about aspects of their business, so things come “out of the cupboard” later that cause problems with the buyer.

  4. Sellers promise vendor finance, then change their mind causing problems with completion of the deal.


  1. The buyer may not be a “motivated buyer” so the smallest problem will cause him to back out.

  2. Many buyers will dig their toes in when negotiating to obtain the lowest possible price causing vendors to cancel the whole deal.

  3. Buyers are easily influenced by others, and are often talked out of the purchase.

Other causes could be – landlords refusal to transfer...

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