How To - How to buy Time on Radio

Most radio time is usually sold in slots of 30 second spots. Sometimes these spots can be slightly less or more. All commercial radio stations have a full schedule of their rates and the times that the rates apply to.

Naturally the highest rates are for the premium times such as breakfast, morning drive time or home drive time. Other times are less expensive because they reach a reduced audience.

Most advertising experts recommend exposure based on 20 spots aired over a period of 5 days or 30 spots aired over a longer period if results are to be gained.

These are strategies that can be discussed with the specialist person employed by the radio station to work with you. The stations are keen on achieving good results for you so that you would continue advertising with them.

Most radio station ads are presented in one of two ways.

  1. Live announcement.
    Here the radio presenter tells the listeners what the ad is all about at the appointed time. The advertiser gives the station details of what they want to have presented and they can, with the station, prepare a simple script which the announcer reads out.


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