How Do you - Improve Business Results

  1. Find a good accountant and a good lawyer. If necessary talk with a business coach before your start up.

  2. Set times for attending to your business. Keep to normal business hours, if possible, so you have free time to spend with family or for relaxation.

  3. Finalise a daily routine for yourself. Once you enter your office (whether at home or outside) grab a cup of coffee, check emails and faxes, attend to urgent paperwork on your desk, write out your to do list for that day.

  4. Agree with your business partner or spouse on the number of hours you will put into your business every day and every week. This is necessary if you are retaining an existing full time job. The hours may include weekends, as well as public holidays. Make sure you don’t work the full weekend, because balancing time for work with time for play (and family) will, in the long run, be far more productive and healthy for you and your business.

  5. Set a time during the day (suggest in the early afternoon) for returning telephone calls or email responses etc. Remember that the first few hours of your day are the most productive. The hours from 8.30am to 1.00pm sh...

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How Do You

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