How Do you - Act as Broker when dealing with Bus Owner

1. Explain Procedure and Costs
After the usual courteous introductions and discussions about the weather, find a private and quiet place to talk with the business owner.

Note: It’s very important to establish early whether employed staff and management of the business is aware of the business sale or not. Should everything be handled confidentially? Where is the best place for future meetings? When ringing, should we identify as a broker or not? Can faxes be sent to the office?

Be clear on what the business owner wants. Make a large bold note as to this confidentiality requirement on the front outside cover and the inside cover of the file.

Once these matters are out of the way, the broker should start his presentation. With the use of a laptop computer or flip chart, explain clearly what the Broker can do for them.

Explain the procedure involved in arranging a sale for them from start to finish. Explain the commission charge (mention that it is in line generally with other brokers, except that your people are professional brokers with very experienced people).

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How Do You

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