How Do you - Deal With Angry Behaviour

Here are some techniques that can come in handy when an anger situation arises in your business:

  1. Handle things quietly.
    It is amazing how an anger situation can be reduced within seconds because of the quiet approach by you as the owner or manager of the business. Also because the other party will see straight away that you appreciate that this is something of concern. You are prepared to focus onto the problem and try and resolve the matter that is causing the anger.

  2. Always allow the other party to talk.
    Do not interrupt because they should be heard before you have your say.

  3. If anger is expressed, deal with it ASAP.
    If you show the desire to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of all parties, this will impress the person that is angry and hopefully defuse the problem quite quickly.

  4. Use empathy.
    You need to respond to your employees feelings and that can be handled by saying something like ‘you are quite annoyed with me so I would like to hear what you have to say’.

  5. If the other party refuses to talk then gently...

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How Do You

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