How Do you - Assess your Business Vision

A clear and exciting vision will make a big difference in achieving your business objectives.

The vision becomes the motivation or driving force.

You need to clarify your vision by asking some of the following questions:

  1. How big do you want to your business to grow?

  2. What exactly do you want to achieve in this business?

  3. Do you think your ideas can be crystallised through your vision?

  4. Will your family be involved in your business?

  5. What do you think is your main advantage or competitive edge?

  6. Do you think you have the passion to make this vision happen?

  7. Do you think your business will make a difference in the lives of your customers?

  8. Do you have a high standard of quality and customer service in mind?

These are things you need to care about before you settle down to work out the plans you have for the business. Initially you should sit down with pencil and paper and jot down your answers to these questions.

Then you should have a chat to your business advisers and family, as well as talk to other respected associates who have been ...

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How Do You

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