Areas to Control A-G

Control - Accountant

1. Engage Only a Good Accountant
A qualified accountant is the logical choice if you want to negotiate a clear path through the labyrinth of the modern workings of the business world. Your accountant is a multi-skilled business professional who has the knowledge and the experience in business practice to help you succeed. However you need to look for a good accountant and not accept “any old advisor” just because they have the label “accountant” on their door.

There are many things that you can do to help your accountant give you the best help for your business. Your accountant is human like anyone else. They make mistakes, they forget appointments, they forget to return your phone calls, they often appear not to understand you, they can’t work tax miracles for you when you make high profits, they are easily misunderstood, they are hard to get hold of and their fees continually appear too high.

Many accountants need to shake their ideas a little and take note that it is their clients that keep them in business. They need to remember that g...

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