About Control

Why Control is vital
Control is required for almost every area of our life. Our diet and eating habits have to be controlled otherwise our health will suffer. Our children have to be controlled otherwise their safety could be threatened. Our dogs have to be kept under control otherwise they could be a danger to someone else. Our speed on the road has to be controlled for our good as well as the safety of others. A football game has to be controlled by a referee otherwise it would be complete mayhem.

Everything has control in one way or the other. Operating your business is no different.

If you operate your business without proper controls it is like driving your car in the dark without the lights on. You would be able to hear the noise of your car engine and have a rough idea of the speed that you were driving at, but you would still be in a very dangerous situation unless you turn your lights on.

It is only when the lights are on that you can negotiate the potential dangers ahead.

Your business performs in exactly the same way. The controls are your headlights. And on...

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