What is Advertising?
Advertising can be defined as the “act of attracting public attention to a product or a business”.

It is one of the many marketing tools that a business can use to draw in or attract customers and is an area that no business must take lightly.

The Basics of Advertising
Advertising is the means of getting information about your products or services to your potential customers. The first thing to be done is, develop a plan to define the potential customers you have in your geographical area - that is, the area served by your business. This means you will have to do some preliminary research and surveys in the area to determine the type of advertising you will use to reach those customers.

Ask questions such as: What radio stations to they listen to? What newspapers do they read? Do they use coupons? Do they respond to direct mail? Do they use the Internet?

Once you have the information, set about to tailor the advertising to reach that market.

The whole basis of advertising is conce...

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