Learning Curves into Success

Ignorance may be bliss, but it was never the road to wealth and well being. It was never the answer to society’s problems. And never, ever the path to success.

Education is the key to moving toward your goals. It doesn’t have to mean a formal education at a University. Even those lucky ones with diplomas in hand understand that real success means staying in the learning curve. Being teachable.

Powerful people across the globe agree that to stay on the cutting edge you must take time to learn and grow within your industry.

Brian Tracey, the great motivational speaker, suggests taking one hour a day to read a book, a trade magazine, or a newsletter that will teach you something new in your field. Interestingly enough, this is the one area many entrepreneurs feel they don’t have time.

Too many things to do for a one man show. But just like exercise keeps your body in top form, learning keeps you ahead of your competition. How can you stay ahead if you don’t stay informed?

So devote an hour to your future with a little education to keep you at the top of your field. Here are a few things you c...

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