The most sensible way to build multiple income streams is to diversify.

The old saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in the same basket’ is true when it comes to building your wealth. To buy securities and invest in various industries and options is a better option than to hedge all your bets in one business investment.

A diversified portfolio is a portfolio that is made up of many types of assets and investments. For example, you could have a portfolio that includes stocks, bonds, gold and real estate. This means that if the stock market crashes you won’t lose everything – it will only affect one aspect of your portfolio with the bonds and gold investments maintaining a high value.

Nothing is certain with investment. There is always going to be a downturn in any investment scheme that is entered into and it is by diversifying that you can reduce the negative effects of a downturn. A downturn will only affect one income stream – you will still have the other income streams generating you an income.

Diversification can also be applied to the business. If you only provide one product or serv...

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