Avoiding Stress Overload

If you experience an overload of stress in the workplace you could be heading towards burnout which can be a dangerous stage to reach.

Lots of people suffer from stress due to the endless pressure that we put on ourselves and eventually high levels of stress will damage both our health and wellbeing.

As we become stressed hormones that activate the adrenal glands are released and the output of adrenaline into our bloodstream is increased. As we become more worked up there is no outlet that allows release from this stress and we are constantly tense. This leads to emotional and physical illness including depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and irritability.

Some common causes of stress include:

  • Workplace relationship difficulties. Personal clashes and harassment, bullying, injustice and group pressure are causes of workplace stress.

  • Unemployment. Loss of self respect and being anxious about the future.

  • Low self esteem. Lack of support, anger, jealousy, powerless, undervalued.

  • Bad environment. Pollution, noise and bad working conditions.

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