Business Introductions - Get off to a Good Start

The most important point to remember about introductions is to make them. Introductions are a very important aspect of business life so it is important to know how to make introductions correctly in a business environment. Some of the etiquette that should be followed include:

  1. Always introduce.
    If you have forgotten the name it is better to acknowledge that you have forgotten or make an incorrect introduction than leave the person unacknowledged and disregarded.

  2. Stand for introductions.
    You should always stand when you are being introduced to new colleagues, business associates or clients. Do not stay behind the desk – walk to the front of the desk to greet visitors.

  3. Order of names.
    The name of the person being introduced is mentioned last and the person to whom the introduction is made is mentioned first.

  4. Hierarchy.
    Introductions are based on power and hierarchy. Persons who have less authority are introduced after the persons in higher authority have been introduced. Gender has no role in introductions or b...

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