Purpose of Meetings

What is a Meeting?
A meeting is where a group of people come together to discuss issues, to improve communication, to promote coordination or to deal with any matters that are put on the agenda and to help get any jobs done. For any meeting to be successful it needs the support of the group involved, or the organisation behind it and it must have the intention of achieving some goal or objective.

Purpose of Meetings
You have to be very clear on why you are calling a meeting. That is, you have to be very clear on what you want to accomplish and why you are bringing together the group of people that have been invited.

Meetings are held for any of the following reasons:

  • To sort out any conflicts.
  • To negotiate a contract or agreement, or matters to do with it.
  • To deal with a current problem within the group or within the business or organisation.
  • To receive a report for assessment and review.
  • To supply information to those present or to canvas views of those present on the particular matter at hand. ...

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