Outline of a Marketing Plan

8 Major Outlines of a Marketing Plan
Your marketing plan does not have to be long and complex. Sometimes it is best to keep it as simple as possible so everyone can understand it.

The basic ingredients of a marketing plan will include:

  1. Analysis of your current situation.
    This comes about through the market research that you do. It would set out the challenges that you have to face as well as your position in your marketplace and information about your competition.

  2. Objectives.
    The objectives will quantify the results that you are looking to achieve. Whatever your objectives they should meet certain criteria. For example, they need to be realistic and able to be measured and be guided by deadlines. Your objective as to profit needs to state the bottom line you want to achieve. Your market share objective should state how much of the total industry sales markets you want to attain. Your sales of volume objectives should state the total goods or services that you intend to deliver.

  3. Target Audience.
    This is one of the more ...

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