Causes of SNSS

What are the Most Common Causes of SNSS?
The primary cause of SNSS is prolonged shrugging of the shoulders.

8 common contributors are:

  1. Work Surface Position.
    Cause: The shoulders are shrugged for a prolonged period to elevate the elbows for work at a desk, table, counter, computer, cash register or sink that is at or above a relaxed elbow level.

    Prevention: The work surface must be at or slightly below relaxed elbow level with the shoulders rotated forward in an unstrained position. If chair elevation is used to accomplish the appropriate position, a footrest may be needed to keep the relaxed knees at least as high as the pelvis to prevent back strain.

  2. Telephone Position.
    Cause: Holding a headset between the shoulder and ear while writing, typing or rifling through files is one of the most common sources of neck and shoulder pain.

    Prevention: Use a headset or speaker phone.

  3. Ke...

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