Public Companies and Analysis

The Best Way to Learn About a Public company
The best way to learn about a public company is to look at that company's annual report. Every public company in the USA is required under Corporation Law to publish an annual report. The Corporation Law sets out the minimum information standards that they have to put in their report.

One of the most important is that an independent auditor's report is included. This report comments on the accuracy of the accounts of the company and gives any qualifications on the financials if any are shown up from the audit investigation.

The comment as to the reliability and integrity of the financial accounts is a very important thing as far as shareholders or the public is concerned. The annual report is more than just a glossy booklet containing colour photographs and information that is designed to give the shareholder an impression of a successful company. You should always look deeper into an annual report and see whether it is a document of facts and recommendations or whether it is a selling tool on behalf of...

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