Agents and their Authority

What is an Agent?
The term agent is used every day and refers to many types of people who act for someone else. An agent is a person or party that represents or acts for another person in their dealings with a third party. For example, an insurance agent acts for an insurance company in the dealings of the insurance company with a person who is taking out insurance. A real estate agent is an agent for the seller of a home in the dealings of the seller with a potential buyer of the home.

There are real estate agents, insurance agents, business agents, travel agents, importing agents, literary agents, manufacturers agents, and may others. All these agents represent or act as a representative of someone else or some other organisation.

An agent, however, is as simple as someone who introduces one person to another, or one business to another. The legal perception, however, is slightly different. Legally, it refers to someone who acts with definite responsibilities as a go-between or intermediary on behalf of some other party.

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