Copyright Gives Exclusive Rights
Copyright gives the author the exclusive legal right to:

  • Copy the work.
  • Issue copies to others.
  • Perform the work in public.
  • Broadcast the work.
  • Adapt it for translation or dramatisation.
  • Transfer any rights in it to others.
  • Defend the work from derogatory treatment by others.
  • Be identified as the owner, creator and author of the work.

Anyone who copies the work without a licence or approval from the copyright owner infringes that person’s copyright and action can be brought against him/her.

Does Copyright Protect the Creative Ideas of the Author?
The answer to this is no. Copyright protects the actual creative expression itself and not the ideas or the facts upon which the expression is based.

For example, copyright can protect a song relating to a particular yacht race, but it can’t protect the underlying idea of having a yacht race in that particular area. It does not protect facts, so any facts tha...

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