Draft a Will with your Requirements

Writing a Will
You can draft up a will if you are adult and of sound mind. If your requirements are relatively simple you should be able to make the will yourself. Most people get their lawyers or a trustee company to draw up their wills and the cost is usually small.

If you are going to write up a will and you need outside help, choose someone experienced in this area. Don’t assume they know exactly what you want and that they will draft the will according to your wishes. The will has to be written, dated and signed in the presence of two witnesses who must also sign it. These witnesses cannot be your spouse or beneficiaries. Make sure your instructions are clear and in plain English.

You should state the following:

  • It is your final will and revokes any previous wills and codicils.
  • It states who your executors and trustees are.
  • It states how your estate is to be distributed.
  • It contains the full names of your beneficiaries and their relationship to you.
  • It states what should happen if any of your beneficiaries die before you.
  • It sets out how your funeral is to be c...

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