Designing a Service Organisation

Designing a Service Organisation
Marketing tends to play a very close and distinctive role in the service industry. The reputation of anyone who provides a service is more important in the service industry than any other. For example, if a hair salon has a good reputation then the hair stylist in that business may attract a client base without any advertising required. People know that the person is good so they will go to them.

However, if that person makes a mistake then his/her reputation will be affected and the business value is reduced. It means that the person relied on to make business work in the service industry is you. If the business is big enough, a system should be put in place whereby customers give their opinion and feedback on customer service. This will allow the organisation to design their business in such as way as to provide good customer service based on information supplied by customers as well as employees.

That is, the customers and the employees, who are on the front line and talk to customers regularly, can provide information enabling a service system to be designed to meet custome...

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