Starting Negotiations
To help you in your sales, you will need to develop negotiation skills. Once you have qualified buyers ready to talk, it will then be time to begin negotiations.

It is usual to negotiate only with one potential buyer at a time. Only when the buyer indicates he/she does not wish to proceed, should you move on to discussions with the next interested party. The negotiation period is the time when you have to make sure your franchise lives up to how you have promoted it in your information memorandum and in discussions.

Negotiating the Price
After due diligence period has expired and the potential buyer has decided to proceed, the next step is to negotiate the price.

The buyer will naturally try and reduce the price and will give reasons why. If the buyer is smart, he/she will show little interest in the franchise from their body language, because that would contribute to the seller agreeing to a lower price. If the seller feels that he/she could lose the sale by seeing the negative body language of the buyer, (even if the buyer ...

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