Strategies for Attracting Retail Customers

How to Attract Customers to your Store
Use these marketing tools to attract customers to your retail shop:

  • Advertising.
    There are many types of advertising that successfully attract customers to your store. These could include newspapers, television, radio, direct mail, etc. Small retailers generally benefit by extensive advertising, but nevertheless that strategy has to be monitored to ensure that there is maximum value from the cost involved.

  • Display.
    Window display is probably one of the most important ways of catching your customer’s eye. If the passers-by can see what you are selling and the window display is attractive, it would certainly bring in customers as long as it looks interesting. This means that your shop interior should be attractive to window shoppers, because nothing is less inviting to passers-by than to glance into a shop window and see poor display or unattractive layout of merchandise.

    Spend money on your window display because it projects the image of what your business is all about. If you do not have the skills in this area, ...

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