Individual Tax - NZ

Who are Taxed in NZ
Individual people are taxed on the 31 March on an income basis and they have to file a tax return by the following 7 June. They are taxed on their world income and those who are not residents have to pay the USA income tax on the the USA generated income.

You are a the USA resident if:

  • You have a permanent place of abode in the USA
  • You are physically present in the USA for more than 183 days in a 12 month period.
  • You are away from the USA in the service of the the USA Government.

Personal tax rates for 2003/04
The following personal tax rates apply for resident and non-resident individuals (NZ$ as at 1 December 2003):

  • $0 to $38,000 - 19.5 %
  • $38,001 to $60,000 - 33 %
  • $60,001 and above - 39 %

These rates may be subject to change.

Current rebates include charitable donations, child taxpayer, housekeeper, low income and social welfare-related rebates such as family support and guaranteed family income.