Methods for Growing your Business

Other Methods for Growing a Business
Even if franchising offers a lot of unique advantages over other more traditional methods you should always look at developing a franchise program after weighing up what the other options can offer.

Some of the other options include:

  1. Company owned outlets.
    Here you will retain control of the whole operation and while each outlet would be run by a manager the ownership and control would be with you and your managers. The problem here is finding the right managers and staff to run the outlets so they are profitable. Also coming up with a program that will motivate the staff to work to their potential.

  2. Joint Ventures.
    You can expand by developing a joint venture relationship with others.

  3. Dealerships.
    Here each dealer will be independent of you, but they will run their dealership under a system which sets out how things are to operate. The dealers may be able to carry other products and the network is not as interdependent as you would find in a franchise. These types of situations a...

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