Direct Marketing is very direct

What is Direct Marketing?
Direct marketing is the name given to the process where the marketing of a product or service is made directly to the consumer with no middle person involved. It involves the specific targeting of a potential customer with the aim of selling a product, or promoting the product, or service, or the business. Direct marketing is where the focus is aimed at a specific target similar to a “sniper”.

The opposite strategy is where marketing efforts are directed in a “shotgun” type approach, in the hope that something will “stick”. This type of marketing may involve mailbox drops, leaflets with magazines, email type marketing, discount coupons in newspapers, etc. They have a lower hit rate because they are not focused on a particular segment. As it is non-personal the success rate is quite low.

There are less direct marketing efforts carried out today through door-to-door selling as in the past. Most marketing is now done using the features of mail, TV, magazine, newspapers and the Internet. Technology has successfully contributed its share because with the use of a comp...

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