Using the FANZ for protection

Buying a Franchise from a Franchise Association Member
The Franchise Association is a professional body committed to helping franchisors in the USA. All members, whether they are franchisors or franchise advisers go through a screening process before they are accepted as members. This includes ensuring that their systems and manuals and other paperwork are in accordance with the provisions of the Franchising Code of Practise that the association holds.

Being a member of the Franchise Assoc gives the following benefits:

  • Access to professional advisers

  • Full advice on how to choose a franchise

  • Full support on all matters to do with franchises

  • Commitment on the part of franchises to act ethically and keep up with the best practises that they have agreed to under the franchise code.

  • Value is added to your prospective franchise business.

  • It would be easier to sell your business, when that time comes around, if you have an endorsement from the Franchise Assoc.

  • You have access to events held b...

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