Enquiries and Buyer Inspections

Step 9. Receive Buyer Enquiries
Once the advertising is in and the papers are out, the telephone will start ringing.

a) Calls for each Broker
Each broker will receive calls direct to his mobile phone or to the office number. Advertising is usually placed for Saturday morning (and sometimes Wednesday morning), so calls will come over the weekend and then during the first 3 days of the following week. Some calls come in up to 2 weeks after the advertisement appears.

If the business is a good one, interest will be high and calls may come in very early. For real bargains (if the profitability and price is included in the ad.) calls will come as soon as the newspapers hit the streets. Don't be discouraged if only few calls are received. Remember - it's not the number of calls received, but the "buy ability" of the calls.

You only need one buyer.

Receiving 20 calls on a Saturday from interested enquirers are exciting, but are they worthwhile? Receiving that 1 call the following Wednesday, from the eventual buyer may not be that exciting - but it's worthwhile, very worthwhile.

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