Complete Profiles and Find Buyers

Step 6. Complete the Business Profile
After the questionnaire has been completed the broker needs to write up the draft profile worksheet.

a) Completing the Profile Worksheet
This is self-explanatory. The idea is to present the details so they are concise and relevant. Avoid long explanations and "waffling". If any photos and financial accounts are available, include in the worksheet.

After the broker has completed the profile worksheet and obtained funds for the profile and possibly the marketing, forward everything to the office. The profile will be ready quickly and available for taking back to the business owner for the third meeting.

Step 7. Third Meeting with the Business Owner
An approximate time for the third meeting should be arranged at the conclusion of the second meeting. Allow at least 7 working days, so the office has sufficient time to complete the business profiles (and also clear business owner cheques).

a) Call with Profile
Take a full copy of the profile to the business own...

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