Set Up File and Meet with Owner

Step 2. Set up the Business owner File
As soon as you receive a call for a listing, set up the file. Grab manila folders immediately, put on the name, and then ensure that from that time on, every piece of paper relating to that business owner is firmly secured in their file.

a) Keep Good Records
It is basic business practice that every aspect of a transaction should be recorded in writing - everything. Whether a 2-page schedule, additional notes, or simply a memo - record it, date it, file it. In the rare event that a dispute arises or litigation is involved, those tidy records may save your business owner's hide - or yours.

During negotiations, proposals and counter-proposals often become quite complex. The degree of evidence needed increases. A simple undertaking may only need approval and signature of the parties concerned. Other more complex papers may need witnessing. Still others may require completion according to statute.

The simple answer is, record everything, copy everything, date everything - and retain the lot on file.

Good housekeeping equals efficiency and pr...

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