Sale/Buying Process - Buy Privately

The Business Sale/Buy Process - are you Buying Privately?
We will show here the basic procedures that most business brokers go through when they are talking to you as a potential buyer.

This is not fixed standard procedure for all brokers but it is the process that some have used. It serves to illustrate what goes on behind the scenes sometimes and will enable you to understand better how things are done to obtain a sale for you if selling or to finalise a deal with you as a buyer. Remember not all brokers do things this way as each has his/her own methods.

If you are considering buying a business yourself without using a business broker this will give you an idea of what could be involved and how business brokers think and act.

It is good education for you if you're looking at buying a business privately on your own.

These are instructions addressed to business brokers so read them with this in mind)

There are 15 basic steps involved in the typical process of a business sale/purchase as far as Bu...

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