Final Agreement

Before Making your Final Offer
You have now come to a stage where a decision has to be made whether you want to proceed with the deal or not. Once again - ask yourself - "Is this the business that I want and has everything stacked up to my satisfaction?" Unless you are 100% sure about every area, it's good sense not to proceed with the purchase.

If you are happy with most things, but have a few small areas of concern, cover yourself by making a reduced offer. Don't make an offer until you are confident about your final decision. If you have to research the business further or seek more advice - do so.

Final Offer - Pressure and Finance
Don't be forced into making an offer because the seller is putting on pressure to have an answer by a certain time. Anything rushed, or any decisions you make under pressure, should be a warning sign that its best not to proceed until you feel more confident.

A big concern before making your offer is to ensure you have approval for finance. Unless you can put into the agreement that your offer is subject to arrangin...

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