Negotiating Price and Terms

Final Price will be by Negotiation
The main point is that the final price is arrived at after negotiations and discussions between the two parties. Take a valuation as the starting point, but then work to get the lowest price possible for yourself, because you can be sure the seller will be trying to keep the price as high as possible, to his/her advantage.

If you do not have the experience, you may need to bring in a specialist to help you negotiate the final price. A good negotiator may save you thousands of dollars, as well as reduce the stress and headaches that can often arise during this process.

Negotiation to reach an Agreement
When negotiating a deal, ask the seller to bring together all the interested parties so that full attention can be given to the deal and an agreement finalised as soon as possible. Express your interest and your determination to finalise a deal because this is what the seller is looking for. If the seller can see that he/she has an advantage by moving fast, this process would usually be speeded ...

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